Current Projects

The Piety of Others (Working Title)

High Fantasy | Incomplete | Book One in The Age of Men (Working Title)

 For centuries, the land of Drinn had been plagued by famine, feuding Houses, and the failure of an inept line of so-called “Divine Kings.” In their wake, the people have suffered, their customs have become hollow, and their faith and diligence have gone unrewarded.

But no longer.

The King has fallen by the hand of the Lord General Nikodemus. Under his new regime, he seeks to reunite his scattered homeland and return his culture to its previous esteem.

As he flies the banners of war, however, it is within his own walls where the heart of Drinn beats, and it sets the pace of his own ambition… whether he realizes it yet or not.

The Piety of Others is a dark-leaning high fantasy novel that focuses on the impact of culture and war on the individual. Told from the perspective of Piety, the vast majority of the story takes place in walls of the Lord General’s castle.


High Fantasy / Horror | Incomplete | Book Two in The Age of Men (Working Title)

 War looms on the horizon, and for tiny province of Lyra, the last standing of the Seven Shattered Kingdoms, prospects of survival are bleak.

With no other place to turn, the ruling Princeling Erdrick has gone to beg for aid to save his people. As he crosses the border into the empire of Cantlin, however, it soon becomes apparent that all is not well.

On a high precipice stands the castle of Last Bastion, dark and overgrown and abandoned. It stands as monument of failure… and as the headstone of the restless grave of the heirs of Cantlin.

It’s Erdrick’s last hope; if he can bring closure to the fate of the Archduke and his sister, maybe–just maybe–he can win the favor of the Emperor.

And so, with the weight of the safety of his people upon his shoulders, the young princeling makes his way into the tangled brambles of the castle…

Mandragora is a marriage between fantasy and horror, set in the same world as The Piety of Others. Although not a direct sequel, the two books tell the story of the world of Isthaea through the eyes of major players in its history. All of the books in this setting are meant to weave one story, but will be able to be read in any order.

Speak of the Devil

Alternate Earth Thriller | Incomplete | Book One in the Devil’s Own Luck trilogy

In an alternate Earth where the only borders that matter are West and East, North and South, a cold war has bubbled under the surface for twenty years.

No, it doesn’t matter that over a decade ago the West and East shook hands and “ended” the cold war. To the Powers that Be, the fight is alive and well.

Agent Gray has been the top agent of the Western Security Organization for twenty years–four times longer than anyone had ever predicted. Unstable and tenacious, he’s worse than a liability.

He’s an eventuality.

There’s a conspiracy afoot, and Gray knows when he’s being fed a line and jerked around.

But it’s the decline of his career, and for a man who knows too much, “retirement” is a bullet.

Speak of the Devil is the first book of three in the Devil’s Own Luck trilogy, a grim espionage thriller set in an alternate Earth, tackling what it means to be “successful” and the price it costs: a pound of flesh and the very bones of who you are.


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