I have often described myself as “a beast with big teeth.” But, like most things that go bump in the night, I’m more afraid of you than you are of me.

My name is Hektor C. Kopczynski, but that’s a mouthful. Feel free to call me Hex. That’s more accurate, anyway.

I was born in a desert during a thunderstorm. Since then, I’ve found myself in upstate New York, but I’ve never quite got used to snow. Or temperatures below 60°. But rain is incredible.

My passion is writing, and my main focal point. Ever unsatisfied with only living in this world, I escape to my own. Although primarily I consider myself a horror and high fantasy writer (and often blend the two genres), I do dabble elsewhere.

More often than I’d like, my writing and life gets interrupted. As a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, my hands often get in my own way. Managing chronic pain as a writer will come up now and again,  and I hope to support my fellow creators struggling with similar hurdles.

I live with my fiance, Marsdon Mercury, and our menagerie of animals that include a blue and gold macaw, cockatiel, three cats, two ball pythons, a redtail boa, a green tree frog, and two leopard geckos. Plus many, many fish.

Never expect anything “normal” from me.

As of right now, I’m not published and don’t have plans to be until at least 2016. That may change.


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