Code of Chivalry

1. Thou shalt never lie, and shalt be faithful to upholding the truth.

I pledge to represent myself and my opinions as honestly and fully as I am able. If I feel I have done wrong or misrepresented the truth, I shall publicly state so.

2. Thou shalt conduct thyself with respect and dignity.

I will endeavor to remain professional, courteous, and polite in my presentation and interactions.

3. Thou shalt engage in fair and honorable combat.

If I voice a dissenting opinion or pen a negative review, I pledge to do so honorably and politely. I will not engage in ad hominem attacks and I will endeavor to always present both sides as fairly as I am able. I welcome any parry of my argument that follows the same creed.

4. Thou shalt not uphold any word as gospel.

Particularly in cases of literature, all matters are only opinion. I do not present my word as the gospel truth, only my own truth. I will not abide by adherence to false gospel.

5. Thou shalt honor the law of the land.

When approaching others on their (digital) territory, I shall treat their rules and expectations as law. When being approached, I shall expect the same in return.

6. Thou shalt practice forgiveness and extend mercy.

We are all fallible. If approached with courtesy and respect, I am willing to offer a second chance. In return, I ask for the opportunity to rectify my mistakes.

7. Thou shalt be the Champion of thine own standard.

As long as all other tenants are followed, I shall uphold my own beliefs. I shall fully expect others to do the same, and offer them the respect I would have for my own.


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