Devil’s Advocate: “Originality” Isn’t Important

(Image inspired by Quote Investigator: Originality Is Undetected Plagiarism)

Originality. It’s a word that is used as the highest song of praise or the sharpest dismissal of any creative work.

The modern age is obsessed with the idea of what is and isn’t “original.” More than once I’ve heard it referred to as “the cult of originality,” and I feel there is no better description.

To be completely honest, I think the whole thing is ridiculous.

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The Devil’s Advocate: A Series

Anyone who knows me can assure you: I’m a contrary person. I don’t always mean to be, but I often find myself at odds with common perception.

This is no exception when it comes to the craft of writing and storytelling: unsurprisingly, I find myself in direct opposition to a lot of popular opinions. At its core, art is subjective, so this is to be expected. I’m not bothered by their existence, or even their prevalence.

However, I do feel that the other side should get its say. And I intend do do just that.

Every now and again, I will voice my contrary opinion in this series and do my best to give a less common perspective its fair shake. Basically, I’m playing the devil’s advocate.

It’s a fine job, if I do say so myself; he always keeps his promises, so long as you read the fine print.